“Here’s What To Do When Your Heart Is Shattered.”


“Time heals all wounds” doesn’t really help when you’re drowning in an abyss of self-pity, an eternity of grief unfolding before you.

1. That Old Platitude: “Time Heals All wounds” Is especially True When it Comes to Heartbreak.

However it doesn’t really help when you’re drowning in an abyss of self-pity, an eternity of grief unfolding before you. With the following tips and tricks, you can fast forward through the grieving process and get through to the other end hopeful that, yes, you will be loved again and your heart will be in good hands.

2. Stay Away From Your Ex.

Sadly, thanks to social media, this is getting extremely hard to do. That’s why you need to commit a Stalinesque purge. Delete your ex from all of your social, get rid of his/her number and anything else that might entice you to do something you’d regret, because when we do things we regret we end up in the shame pit. Nobody likes the shame pit. So ad your ex to that list of people you need to unfollow on Twitter.

3. Give Yourself Time To Grieve.

Nobody wants to feel when all they’re capable of experiencing is lacerating anguish, but it’s important to give yourself time and space, in moderation, to get all those icky emotions out in the open. Feelings need to go somewhere, and it’s better that you shoot them out into the ether than keep them bottled up deep inside. Alternatively, you can f*ck the pain away on a sex binge. Whatever helps you most.


4. Stay Healthy.

This one’s a given, but it’s also one of the easiest things to drop in troubling times. Eat healthy, stay hydrated (no, not with booze), and if you weren’t before, do yourself a favor and start working out. Those natural endorphins and the satisfaction of a fit body are great ways of overcoming nasty post-breakup emotions. Besides, nothing says you’ve moved on better than a rocking bod and a rejuvenated state of mind.

5. Leave Your House.

Avoid the urge to hermit and force yourself to get up and get out. Pretend, just for a moment, that your heart hasn’t been mercilessly squashed beneath the iron heel of an emotionless automaton. Seriously though, go outside, hang out with friends, relish the tedious chores you once loathed, and keep yourself busy. Do not, under any circumstances, abandon your routines. An illusion of normalcy goes a long way to mending a broken heart.

6. Try Something New.

Get out of your comfort zone and build new experiences with the people who matter most in your life, like friends and family. Whether it means a weekend trip to someplace new, a restaurant you’ve never been to before, signing up for yoga or sports classes, or a swanky new nightclub, fill your mind with exciting new adventures.

7. Meet Someone New.

Get out there and open yourself up to the possibility that there’s plenty of people who’re better suited to you than your ex. Give yourself the opportunity to be surprised. At the very least, you’ll meet interesting new people who’ll broaden your horizons and enrich your experience of life. Best case scenario? You find someone worth sharing at least part of your life with.

Life would suck if it wasn’t hard sometimes. Traumatic life events make us stronger, but they also give us the ability to take more out of life, to be less afraid of living.


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