Tony Robbin’s Philosophy To Unlock What’s Stopping You From Becoming Successful.


“Eighty percent of success is psychology and 20% of success is mechanics.”


Suppose you know what you want and you have the tools with which to get it. And you still have yet to get what you want.

This indicates an inner conflict. Tony enumerates many reasons for inner conflicts.

Why do you say that you want something and still don’t have it? You have inner conflicts.

For example, you want to be successful. However, at some level, you feel like you will not be loved and you will be rejected.

Perhaps you feel like you don’t deserve to succeed because of something you did in your past. Or you might believe that succeeding economically is not spiritual.

Get clear on the inner conflict. Be clear on what’s most important to you today.

Don’t base this upon a blueprint that may have been given to you by parents, primary caregivers, or other sources.

Then align your life with what you really value and what’s really important to you. Then you will take action because there is nothing pulling you in opposing directions.

Celebrate and contribute. Pay it forward. Here’s the most important point:

Eighty percent of success is psychology and 20% of success is mechanics.

Here’s what this means. What goes on in your mind and in your heart is more important than the mechanics of your business.

Why? Even if you know the mechanics that make your business profitable and you know how to do them, you will not produce gratifying results if you have inner conflicts.

Your mind references ideas and experiences that are in conflict with your goals and dreams. This conflict nullifies your best efforts.

Suppose you have had past experiences in which you missed the mark. If these continue to resonate and influence your thinking, no amount of work or expertise will make you a success.

Likewise, suppose negative and limiting ideas about success and money you learned in the past continue to hold sway in your thoughts. If this is the case, you will short-circuit yourself and success will be elusive.

This means that your attitudes about success and money are really more important than knowing how to achieve success and acquire wealth. You can have lots of know-how and still be frustrated and broke.

Here’s the good news. You can create new reference experiences.

You can meet successful people and see that many of them are helpful and generous. Can read the biographies of successful people and discover that they failed many times before they achieved a great success.

In essence, you can build a whole new internal library of success resources. The more you let your mind of success reference these ideas and experiences, the more you will head straight for your goal with increasing confidence.

Your mind of success will rewire your thoughts about success and money. In fact, it will do all the “heavy lifting” for you.

So long as you don’t talk yourself out of the success you seek, your mind will make success connections for you. This means that you will bring the full power of your inner resources and success reference experiences to bear.

You will radiate confidence and face challenges with resolve. Circumstances that once fazed you will no longer faze you. You will succeed whereas in the past you might have faltered.  And this happy state of affairs will show up in your bank account.


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