I’m Going To Make You My Bitch “Monday” (Morning Motivation)


Are you or someone you know always complaining after the weekend is over? And dreading Monday Mornings because after the weekend partying or relaxation, it’s “back to reality.” And for most of us this means going to a shitty job that we can’t stand and hardly pays the bills. So as you already know Monday’s is usually one of the most depressing days of one’s work week.

With that in mind, I want to introduce you to a serial entrepreneur and businessman that has created many successful businesses, written books (the whole shebang). He’s also a hardcore, raw, and explicit motivational speaker that will kick your ass back to reality.

His name is Gary VayNerChuck aka Gary Vee.

I’ve taken the liberty of editing one of his motivational rants to fit a simple 1 minute long clip for your morning motivation. Additionally, I’ve written verbatim of what he actually said: Here We Go!!

” The level of complaining is unacceptable, look. What If I told you this was the last Monday morning of your life?!? What if I told you that you will die this week? Would you complain about your crap job or that test you don’t want to take!? I doubt it!  You would go much higher level thinking.

That’s really what it takes. It’s takes understanding if you’re not pumped right now. If your begrudging what your about to do, if your not looking forward to it. Look! I respect practicality, you gotta go through school because your parents want you to. You gotta pay your rent, you got student loans. I get it, but please recognize the world that were living in.

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We’re living in a world where there’s so much more opportunity. This internet thing created way more opportunity for all of us. Way More!! I mean look you might not have even been alive.

Like, your mom and dad could of have had sex like three minutes later and you wouldn’t even exists!! And you’re complaining! You could of ended up being a bus, a tree! I just don’t get the mentality of being head down sad on a Monday Morning.

“I’m Going to Make Monday Morning My Bitch!”… -Gary Vee

If you want to see the extended clip click here now.

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